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  • ProTerminal

    PROTERMINAL is a professional edging profile used mainly to join similar or different floor materials (e.g. tiles/tiles – tiles/parquet/ marble/laminates/carpeting /linoleum, etc.) of differing thickness. Product Spec Sheet

  • ProJolly Square

    PROJOLLY SQUARE is a square shaped as a right angle that is versatile and suitable for various laying solutions, both for floors and coverings. It is used as a staff angle for external corners of tile coverings. It facilitates laying and eliminates the brittle unpredictability of ceramic tiles. It is also used as a finishing…

  • Prolistel

    PROLISTEL is a decorative strip that adds color effects to ceramic-tiled walls. Its angular design makes it suitable for walls tiled with rectified porcelain stoneware. It can also be used to separate two floors made of the same and/or different materials. The strip is applied with the same adhesive used for ceramic or wood. Available…