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  • Montolit FPU20 Diamond Milling Bit 3/4″

    FPU is a versatile milling bit designed to enlarge, shape and/or round bevel existing holes in Porcelain, Hard Ceramic, Granite, and Marble. FPU is also suitable to easily create round side indentation necessary to accommodate pipes or electric wire lines. This is a save money tool because with just one standard core bit + one FPU…

  • Montolit FS35 Diamond Core bit 1-3/8″

    The line of diamond core-bits dry use FS Mondrillo have been designed by Montolit’s R&D department in order to answer tilers’ need for a very fast tool, capable of drilling, without water, any type of ceramics and porcelain tiles. Due to its high quality, this diamond drilling cup quickly became popular also in the plumbing world. Although its appearance is almost identical…

  • Montolit FAJ06 Diamond Core bit 1/4″

    Use: Dry and wet use Material: All types of ceramics, gres porcelain, terra cotta tiles, granite, marble, glass. Application: For furniture and bathroom fittings, electric and plumbing installation. Speed: High Finish: Good Lifespan: Good Use: Universal drill and cordless drill (recommended minimum rpm 800) FAJ06 - $39.95 Each.