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  • Fila Marble Restorer

    Fila Marble Restorer is a complete kit to remove small etch stains, smooth, polish and restore marble surfaces. the kit includes: MARBLE ONE yellow metallic pad MARBLE TWO white resin pad MARBLE THREE blue resin pad MARBLE SPONGE, white polishing pad MARBLE SHINE, marble polish – 6.8 fl oz. FORMULA MARMO, marble finishing polish –…

  • FILA NoSpot

    Fila NoSpot removes oily and greasy stains from terracotta, quarry tiles, natural stone, granite, agglomerates, tumbled marble, pebbles, cobblestones, concrete. NoSpot is easy to use; just spray and wipe!

  • FILA SR95

    Fila SR95 is a stain remover for natural stone and porcelain, designed to remove stains on natural stone surfaces: marble, travertine and limestone. SR95 removes deep set stains where other stain removers are not effective.

  • FILA Deterdek

    Fila Deterdek is a Grout Haze Remover for Porcelain, ceramics, terracotta, acid resistant stone.  It removes all grout residues and building-site dirt and eliminates any saline efflorescence from terracotta. Fila Deterdek does not emit fumes that are harmful to users or the environment. Eliminates cementitious grout haze, efflorescence, lime deposits and hard water stains. Removes soap…

  • FILA PS/87

    Fila PS/87 is a 3-in-1 stain remover, cleaner, and wax stripper. it is designed to be easy to use, and safe on delicate surfaces. PS/87 is ideal for cleaning: Polished And Matte Porcelain Tile All Natural Stone, Glazed Ceramic Tile Concrete


    Fila CLEANALL is a PH neutral multi-surface cleaner, designed to gently clean all wall and floor coverings. Does not damage delicate surfaces. Ideal for maintaining waxed and laminated surfaces. Highly concentrated – can be diluted according to use. When diluted 1:200, it does not leave a residue, does not require rinsing and can be used…


    Fila REFRESH & RESEAL is a ready to use, dual-action, everyday cleaning spray, that cleans and reseals all stone surfaces. Fila REFRESH & RESEAL is easy to use, just spray on and wipe off.


    Fila GROUTRENEW is a "ready to use" cleaning spray, designed to thoroughly clean cement grout joints in tile floor and wall coverings*. GROUTRENEW is easy to use, simply spray, wipe and rinse.   *Note: Do not use on waxed porous surfaces, polished marble, travertine or limestone.


    Fila CLEANALL Spray is a "ready to use"  PH neutral everyday surface cleaner. CLEANALL Spray is safe for cleaning all household surfaces. Advantages: Does not contain alcohol or ammonia. Excellent de-greaser in a delicate formula. No rinsing necessary. No streak fast drying formula Leaves the room smelling fresh and clean. Biodegradable.